Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the set of actions that can produce the same level of well-being you are used with a lower consumption of energy, thanks to a more rational use of available resources. This also applies to renewable energy.
For companies, this means eliminating waste, increasing the energy efficiency of processes and thus reduce overall costs and guarantee optimization and savings.
In order to promote energy efficiency and access to its customers to meet scheduled incentive programs, TGS Energia offers a service for natural gas and green electricity which is divided into three phases:
1. preliminary stage (free): energy questionnaire compiling, through which it is possible to evaluate the energy potential of the customer. This stage is free of charge.
2. Design phase: energy audit at the customer in order to identify possible points of intervention within the company:
– Preliminary project proposal of interventions applicable to the structure in question
– Choice of the most appropriate energy-saving technology applicable
Specific feasibility study for the action chosen
– Assistance during the intervention
3. post-intervention phase: field measurements of energy parameters for the operation and monitoring of the process by which the energy parameters depend
– Quantitation of annual savings to get the White Certificates
– Presentation of a Request for Verification and Certification (RVC) of savings to be sent to ENEA and AEEG authorities
– Recognition for the next 5/8 years (depending on the type of intervention) of the savings, through the instrument of White Certificates.